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Flashback to early 2020: maybe it was becoming a new father, the onset of a global pandemic, middle-aged malaise, or all three. A period of introspection led Mark to reevaluate what he values most in life. What he found was that something was missing — music. Although a lifelong musician and longtime songwriter, a demanding corporate career and other endeavors caused Mark to lose focus on his passion for music. He resolved to change that.

After buying some new equipment, transforming a spare bedroom into a home studio, dusting off some of his old songs and writing a few new ones, he set out on recording a body of work with no expectations other than to put something creative out into the world. The result is “It Started Last Fall”, a debut album of 11 original songs about love, setbacks and looking forward. In addition to writing all the songs and self-producing the tracks, Mark also played all the instruments on the album.


Mark's music offers a fresh, contemporary take on folk, acoustic singer-songwriter and Americana traditions.

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