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Selected Press Coverage

See a sampling of what the music community is saying about Mark's debut album "It Started Last Fall" below:

"Welles directs attentions to his own heartfelt and richly enigmatic lyrics - bringing them to vibrant life through stylistically engaging vocal tones and an air of absolute artistic authenticity"

" earthy and emotionally poignant Indie-Folk experience..."

"The overall sound and style that Mark Welles' is crafting in "Hold On" is excellent - bringing elements of Americana and Folk together in an experience that feels familiar but original"

"Fans of homegrown Indie-Folk and subtle Americana influences will fall headlong into the sound that Mark Welles has crafted... while the depth of lyrical wit and artistry on display in the song stand to prompt anticipation among listeners from a wide range of backgrounds"

Jon Wright,

"...we have to say this is one beautiful collection of songs. Mark's distinct and engaging vocals are backed with a fresh and uncluttered musical backdrop. The resulting range of folk & Americana material is a joy to listen to."

"Composed of eleven beautiful songs, one of the highlights of the album is the song "Hold On", with a well-rearranged instrumental, an incredible and evolving sound atmosphere"

"..there is something interesting, something that makes you want to take a deep breath"

Direct Actu

“Mark Welles grabs his guitar and offers a pleasant kick to your ears. If you're tired of typical music, "Hold On" for this Folk, Acoustic production... you may find that special thing you were always looking for. Upcoming artist with promising creations."

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